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Melton Hospitality Advisors was born from a desire to return a personal touch to hospitality’s hiring process and help aid the industry’s recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.


Established in 2021, MHA leverages its founder’s two greatest strengths—interpersonal relationships and connection—to humanize the hiring experience for companies and candidates alike. By asking good questions, listening well, leaning on our strong pipeline of partners and staying informed of the industry’s greatest challenges and opportunities, MHA expertly matches passionate, motivated people with perfect job prospects for their skillsets. 


At MHA, we never back down from a challenge, but we also believe the hiring process doesn’t have to be complicated (we even think it can be fun!).


Bill Melton

Founder and Chief Culture Officer

Bill Melton is a coach, storyteller and creative problem solver with more than 30 years of earned expertise in hospitality. A genuine people person with a heart for helping others, Bill began his service career responding to a “Help Wanted” sign in the window of a Holiday Inn in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Thirty years later, he transitioned from a senior leadership position with one of the world’s leading hospitality companies to launch Melton Hospitality Advisors.


As Chief Culture Officer, Bill draws on his decades of industry experience to connect hotels and hospitality groups with the talented professionals they seek for their team. Ever focused on effective culture shaping and authentic relationships, Bill invests the necessary time, energy and inquiry to fully understand the ins and outs of each candidate and every job opening. Matching the right prospect with the right position is as good as it gets, to Bill’s mind, and he takes great pride and pleasure in helping others develop their strengths and hone their path.


When he isn’t helping candidates and companies realize their full potential, Bill can be found spending quality time with his wife, kids and dogs, cheering on the Phillies and playing the occasional round of golf. He is also rediscovering the joys of reading and appreciates any opportunity to give back to others through his work.

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